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Global Duty Product Library

Global Duty Product Library

Our library contains a company’s entire international SKU listing with the corresponding international six figure Harmonised System of tariff classifications and the corresponding eight to ten digit levels for each country, thereby depicting duty rates per SKU being imported into each country and also any relevant Export Controls for the exporting countries. In addition, key declaration field data also resides at the SKU level, including product specifications.

Customs Declaration Status

This dashboard displays the real-time status of all global declarations (outbound and inbound), per country and on a global summary basis linked to the company’s outstanding overseas purchase orders. The status highlights the transactions that are clear from Customs controls, any declaration holds and is linked to the purchase order tracking dashboard. In addition, duty payments can be held and tracked so that cash flow is maximised and Customs Duty is deferred wherever possible.

Customs Declaration Status
Purchase Order Tracking

Purchase Order Tracking

Overseas purchase orders are tracked from time of receipt into the overseas Hub, Freight Forwarders depot or airport/shipping port and tracked via port systems, ship and aircraft real-time tracking wherever possible and to the airport/port of destination, whereby interfaces with the port systems enabling ship discharge information and pick up details which are time and date stamped. This information can then be utilised across the business for visibility on arrival details for customers, staff access plus enables critical path analysis for international supply chain performance measurement.



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Tracking system

Overseas purchase orders (PO’s) are tracked by utilising interfaces with all the international supply chain logistic participants, to provide real-time tracking of an individual company’s PO from the booking and load confirmation onto the departing vessel or aircraft, transit information and arrival delays, destination discharge validation and pick-up information where available via the port and airline systems.


All overseas purchase order critical information is downloaded into WCP’s platform on a daily basis, whereby data is maintained on the goods subject of the order in a secure environment. During this process, WCP’s Global Duty Product Library is also cross-referenced and alerts provided for WCP’s senior staff to research and input all key customs declaration data (i.e. shortly after order placement).

Financial Reports & Invoices

WCP has received numerous requests from companies seeking financial forecasting information on future importations in addition to order tracking. Given the portal’s unique data structures, this can easy be provided. Initially the anticipated PO’s arrival date is utilised in collaboration with the other data files to provide duty outlay information sometimes many months in advance of arrival for cash flow planning.


WCP with provide up-to-date international trade news that, without warning, can have a deleterious impact on a company’s supply chain costs. Our news service will provide changes to the World Customs Organisation (WCO), Anti-Dumping & Countervailing new investigations/sanctions, Export Control and Customs barrier changes, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Trusted Trader updates, completed Free Trade Agreements (FTA) etc.

Customs Duty Profiles

WCP utilises proprietary dashboard technology to structure and provide product duty rate information on a monthly basis, thereby maintaining an overseeing role of global duty payments. WCP’s senior staff have strong track records of identifying legitimate duty savings by utilising data analytics to monitor average duty rates for products by country and carrying out global assessments to secure duty savings for the past and into the future.

Your Global Single Window

With Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking


For the first time, companies can be in control of complete order tracking and allow access to staff and customers (where appropriate). Multiple PO’s per ship or aircraft can easily be identified and traced, whereby order summaries are provided on a vessel’s voyage number or aircraft flight identifier. Single orders with numerous discharge points within a single country can also be tracked and monitored.


Increased accountability of international purchases, supply chain visibility, cost control, critical path analysis and increased product margins via improved efficiencies and duty savings.

depicting duty rates around the world

via real time ship / airline cargo tracking and port interfaces

and international supply chain savings leading to increased profitability