On 20 January 2017, the Commissioner, Mr Dale Seymour, announced certain streamlining and delegated authority for the operation and administration of the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADN 2017-10 refers).

As a result, the Commissioner will now make final decisions of duty assessments, following a recommendation from either a General Manager in the Commission or the Anti-Dumping Review Panel. Actions or decisions that the Commissioner would usually make in a duty assessment will now be carried out by one of the Commission’s General Managers.

In addition, a General Manager in the Commission will now request extensions of time to publish a Statement of Essential Facts or a Final Report for certain anti-dumping investigations, reviews or inquiries. The Commissioner will approve or refuse requests for an extension of time for Accelerated Reviews under subsection 269ZHI(3) of the Act.

The Commissioner has also delegated certain powers and functions relating to requests from interested parties for a longer period to give a response in a case, such as Exporter & Importer Questionnaires, submissions etc.

For current cases and measures in place, please visit the ADC website at:- http://www.adcommission.gov.au

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Russell Wilkinson

CEO – Trusted Trader International

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