I had the pleasure of attending Atlassian’s 1% Pledge Movement today and listen to the impressive and humble Scott Farquhar (Founder) and Mark Reading (Head of the Atlassian Foundation), in relation to the latest progress of the global movement.

Our company and global Start-Up ‘World Customs Portal’ is a proud member of the movement.

There are currently 200 Australian members and 3,000 members globally and we look forward to the journey ahead in growing these numbers considerably over time.

For those companies and individuals that are not aware of the movement, it is all about pledging forward for charity under the four pillar concept as follows:-

  1. Pledge 1% of the company’s equity
  2. Pledge 1% of the company’s annual profit
  3. Pledge 1% of the company’s product for not for profit organisations
  4. Pledge 1% of staff time to spend in a charity of choice short-listed by the company’s 1% Pledge team leaders (i.e. voted by staff not management)

You can choose all four pillars or part thereof and make a real difference in giving back.

Thanks again Scott, Mark and the Atlassian Team for your time and an inspiring event!

Kind Regards,

Russell Wilkinson (M: +61 428 115 153)

Founder & CEO

World Customs Portal Pty Ltd

(For access to our website, please email russell.wilkinson@worldcustoms.portal.com)