World Customs Portal

World Customs Portal is a strategic product of Trusted Trader International (TTI). TTI has an extensive team of experts in advising major corporates around the globe on becoming accredited Trusted Traders.

Design &Development

TTI is a strategy, design & development consultancy that partners with forward-thinking organisations to solve Customs Barrier related export and import issues. TTI has representatives in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Auckland.

Expert Advice

TTI provides expert advice and extensive Compliance Reviews on the regional approach to an AEO style program (i.e. Trusted Trader) in concert with the Customs Agencies around the region.

“Providing excellence in client service.”

Incorporating the bench strength of top level advisors provide unparalleled industry experience. Thereby providing excellence in client service, unsurpassed in the Australian and New Zealand advisory markets. TTI’s advisory firm’s approach of utilising proprietary dashboard technology and our “Three Pillar” strategy incorporating our Scorecard review approach, makes TTI the firm of “first choice” for the Trusted Trader market in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

WCP Advisory Panel

Russell Wilkinson

Russell Wilkinson

Founder & CEO

Russell had a vision 15 years ago and the World Customs Portal concept was born. Since then, there has been a relentless desire to bring this vision to life for international Multinational Corporation traders.

David Mortimer, AO

Non-Executive Chairman - Advisory

Having had an illustrious career in banking and finance, David became CEO of TNT in the early 90’s. He then held board positions with major corporations including Ansett, Australia Post, Adsteam and the Australian Tourist Commission.

Dr. john gatorna

Supply Chain Logistics Expert

John Gattorna has spent a lifetime working in and around enterprise supply chains, in many diferent capacities – line executive, researcher, consultant/adviser, teacher, mentor and author.

Maree Wilkinson


Maree’s qualifications are well suited to the WCP advisory board given her vast business experience in the telecommunications industry, real estate, being an owner of a small business and her considerable life coach/counselling experience.

Peter Dunne


Peter specialises in mergers and acquisitions, private equity and private capital raisings. He is recognised as one of Australia’s leading private equity lawyers by PLC Which Lawyer, Best Lawyers and

World Customs Portal

has received considerable support from Multi-National Corporations from sectors such as Automotive, Retail, International Airlines and Logistics companies seeking to gain increased control and visibility over their international transactions, coupled with greater financial accountability and risk management.


More importantly, MNC’s are impressed with the international purchase order linkage and tracking that is often problematic or missing in today’s international logistics environment.

Our Partners

has received considerable interest from numerous Multinational Corporations within Australia-New Zealand and abroad.

We’re giving 1% of our equity, profit, and product to charity and giving our employees vacation to volunteer.